Throughout history, in cultures across the world, beads have had a huge number of functions.

Beads signify strength and courage

Just like medals, ribbons, and certificates, many ancient and modern-day cultures use beads to show bravery and accomplishment. They have long been used to protect warriors from natural and supernatural enemies, along with lending special magical protection for heroes during long journeys.

Beads have every-day uses

They have served many practical purposes throughout history, from weighing down scrolls, saddle blankets, and tablecloths. They have served as calculators (like the abacus) to prayer tools (like the rosary). Today, we see beads in jewellery, mats, car seats, and curtains.

Beads carry value

Societies across the world have made beads from tortoise shells, wood, pottery, sea shells, seed, ivory, stone, eggshells, animal teeth, bone, claw and horn…and glass. Some of the world’s most talented glass artists devote their whole careers to making beads.

In many societies, beads are believed to carry protective and healing powers

Did you know that the Egyptian word sha means “luck” and sha-sha means “bead”? The Magical Eye bead of Turkey is believed to ward off evil. In parts of Asia, beads were scattered like seeds at temples to induce bountiful harvests.

Beads signify status

In China, during the Qing (pronounced “ching”) Dynasty, officials, army officers, their wives, and children were required to wear strings of court beads. The Emperor himself had to wear special beads. For the Asante people of West Africa, kings and other great people get the privilege of wearing Bodom beads. In our own society beads of pearl, gold and precious stones can be symbols of wealth and prestige.

Given the length of time people have been fascinated with beads (over 43,000 years!), as well as their usefulness for counting, adorning, and symbolizing importance, they’re just right for recognizing and recording your courage as you travel this journey.

We believe that beads impart special meaning when designated thru a common belief system, when used to show accomplishment, ceremony, or strong sentiment.