Act of Courage Beads are the artist-made glass beads that are given to acknowledge the milestones in a child’s treatment journey. These beads truly bring the arts to our arts-in-medicine mission!

Act of Courage beads can take almost any form that you would like to make – it’s an opportunity for you to let your imagination go!

Special Requirements for Act of Courage Beads:

The 3/32” mandrel is preferred but other sizes are useable too.

Please have nice puckers on the ends of the beads, sharp edges on the bead holes can cut fingers and cannot be sent out. Overly frilly bits sticking out may break off and leave sharp edges on the surface, be sure that raised dots have solid connections and that surface decorations are robust enough to take knocking about.

We ask that you refrain from using reduction frit or glasses that give a metallic sheen on the surface due to heavy metal issues with these materials.

Anneal your beads properly in a kiln to ensure they do not crack. All beads need to be free of bead release.

Polymer Clay


Guidelines for Polymer Clay Beads

  • Any size or shape is acceptable.
  • We like bright colors!
  • Preferred hole size is 3/32″ and larger (1/16″ holes are accepted).
  • No sharp corners or edges or, cracks or protrusions that would easily break off.

Please remember that these beads are worn and handled by children and should be sturdy enough to stand up to wear and tear.

How Polymer Art Beads are Used:

Polymer beads are presented as discharge beads in our flagship program and featured beads in three of our main programs as well as used as our discharge beads in all our flagship Beads of Courage Programs. 

  • Creative Courage Journal Program
  • Beads of Courage Sibling Program
  • Arts-in-Medicine Workshops

Polymer beads are also very popular at our fundraisers and events where participants create their own art-in-medicine inspired pieces.

Other Beads

Manufactured Beads

*Please note: at this time we are not accepting new donations of manufactured beads

Beads of any color and shape are greatly appreciated. Beads of Courage utilizes all donated manufactured beads in our four Arts-in-Medicine Workshops:

  • Warrior Figures
  • Honoring Boxes
  • Dream Intention Flags
  • Strength Bracelets

In addition, manufactured beads are used in finished pieces that are sold or auctioned at our fundraisers.

Link to Bead Donation Form  (file will auto-download)

All donations should be mailed to:

Beads of Courage-Canada 
Box 143
Cremona, Alberta
T0M 0R0