How many beads will you carry?

A simple bead can go a long way to encourage and honour a child’s fight for life.

Beads of Courage helps support children facing major surgeries, difficult procedures and long hospital stays away from the comfort of home and their loved ones.  You can be part of a child’s treatment journey.

Carry a Bead on your next adventure, team activity, personal achievement or just an uplifting day.

Inside each Carry a Bead kit is a matched glass bead set exclusively made for Beads of Courage. One bead you keep and the other bead you carry and return with a personally signed note of encouragement to be given to a child.

When they add it to their Beads of Courage strand, they will have one more bead to hold onto on tough treatment days – something that reminds them that they are not alone and encourages them to keep fighting.

Thank you for being a source of encouragement for children through our Carry a Bead program. 


For group pricing or events, please contact [email protected]