World Beads of Courage Day - September 15, 2020
World Beads of Courage Day - September 15, 2020



If you’re familiar with Beads of Courage, you already know about our mission to support the most courageous kids on earth – children coping with cancer and other serious illnesses. Now, it’s time to tell the whole world about our work and showcase YOU, our honoured members, families, clinicians, supporters, donors and friends around the world! 

We’ve made it easy for you to take part in this special day and look forward to seeing your posts on social media on September 15 using the hashtag #beadsofcourage. Post where you are and share your World Beads of Courage stickers, Colouring Sheet created by Laura Harms, Spiral Sun beads, and of course, your own Beads of Courage. Share your stories of courage and be someone’s sunshine! 

Let’s raise awareness of Beads of Courage and all the amazing warriors we support.

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