My Beads of Courage represent...

From Lincoln: My Beads of Courage are …My strong! (From my 7 year old Lincoln with an immune disorder)

From mom Rebecca: My Beads of Courage are my reminder that my little Hystiocytosis warrior can beat anything. Each bead shows just how strong he is and will continue to be.

From mom Karen: My Beads of Courage represent a hard fought battle that I will face for the rest of my life... (my 4yr old is T1D and Epilepsy)

From mom Vicki: My Beads of Courage represent my strength, bravery and willingness to fight every battle. 8yrs old and 36 surgeries with more to come.

From Dawn, NICU nurse at Royal University Hospital:  As a nurse handing out the BOC to the parents of our neonates, I have such a beautiful warm feeling.   I think my heart grows bigger every time I enroll a baby!  To me sharing the BOC with the parents is so personal.  I feel that talking with the parents about the BOC and their different representations bring me closer to the family. Thank you BOC for giving me this opportunity.